Stroudco Pause Update: July 2022

Moving Forward: Stroudco Pause Updates for July 2022

Alongside regular discussions between Stroudco’s board of directors, July 2022 saw us host a Collaborative Workshop as well as a Bring and Share Vegetarian Social.

Stroudco – The Way Forward. Tuesday 26th July, 6pm to 9pm at The Trinity Rooms in Stroud.

This collaborative workshop explored the possible ways available to us to help broaden Stroudco’s impact on the local food economy. Discussions were also had on the potential for using our strengths and ethos to play an effective part in building a lower carbon future. Feedback was also gathered with a focus on the three following questions:

  • How do we make Stroudco a viable business in the current economic climate?
  • Are we doing the right things in the right way?
  • What haven’t we thought of? Are there new and potentially exciting models for Stroudco which we haven’t considered before?

The ideas shared and inspiration gathered will be vital for the directors who will be following up on the points raised as part Stroudco’s next steps. 

A BIG thank you to all who came along, as well as those that could not attend but still offered their support.

To get involved/share your own thoughts please do email us at

You can find out more about our pause in trade in our previous blog entry by clicking this link here.

Stroudco Bring and Share Vegetarian Social. Tuesday 26th July, 6pm to 9pm at The Trinity Rooms in Stroud.

We invited the amazing Stroudco team to a bring and share vegetarian get together to show our thanks and gratitude for all the fantastic voluntary support and time given. Whilst celebrating, it was an opportunity to chat about Stroudco’s current pause and a space to share thoughts on its future. 

A BIG thank you to everyone who came to join us, we hope you had as lovely an evening as we did.

To find out more about the various ways of getting involved with Stroudco check out our volunteer website page by clicking this link here or have a read of our Joining the Stroudco Team blog entry by clicking this link here.