Volunteer with Stroudco

Volunteer with Stroudco

As a non-profit social enterprise Stroudco operates due to the help of a passionate team of local volunteers who give their free time to support our manager Grace. Current volunteer roles include admin from home on a Wednesday, preparing for the weekly sort on Thursday afternoons, packing orders on a Friday morning, and/or carrying out order deliveries (also on the Friday).

Volunteer packers and delivery drivers are given rota'd shifts each month which are flexible to individual availability with any travel expenses able to be claimed back. Stroudco has strict COVID-safe working arrangements which are rigorously followed for the safety of all.

Those driving our deliveries use their own vehicle (we pay mileage), navigate their route with Google maps and pretty much work alone, though you get to meet our lovely customers (at 2m apart). Sorters work together as a friendly team (2m apart) at Hawkwood to get our customer’s boxes packed accurately.

If you are interested in joining our Stroudco team please get in contact via our email at manager@stroudco.org.uk with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Availability
  • How often you would like to volunteer
  • Whether you have your own transport (please check your insurance covers doing voluntary work)
  • And which of the tasks you are interested in (along with any additional skills you feel that you can offer)

We offer happy team-working and community spirit within our sort team with many grateful smiles for our delivery drivers. Those who join our family of volunteers become part of a connected network with regular contact including being part of the Stroudco mailing list.