Supporting The Local Community

Alongside all our fantastic produce, our online shopfront also has a local donations section to offer direct support to the food hubs in & around Stroud.

Each hub is listed individually so you can select which to directly donate too and at what amount. When need is greater, equal value Stroudco Food Hub vouchers may be given in as an alternative to cash.

The reason for this is to support the local community hubs, who are doing an amasing job within our district, whilst our small - often family run - producers & suppliers can continue to be paid as normal, keeping their own livelihoods & businesses protected.

Your generosity means we can help create an anonymous food-flow for fresh, local, & healthy food to be made available to a wider audience in Stroud.

The Food Hubs You Can Dontate Too Are:

  • Arkell Centre in Nailsworth
  • Cashes Green Community Centre
  • Chalford Parish Centre
  • Rodborough Parish Church
  • Middle Of The Hill Community Group
  • The Octagon Centre, Paganhill
  • Top Of The Town
  • Trinity Rooms Community Hub