About Us

Stroudco Food Hub is a not-for-profit community organisation bringing together an ever-expanding range of locally produced artisan food, drinks and much more. We keep our prices low by:

– being a not-for-profit organisation

– having no retail shop –  all orders are made on-line

– holding minimal stock (most produce is delivered to order)

– having only one part-time paid member of staff and an increasing group of enthusiastic volunteers

– pooling members’ orders in orders into one large order for each supplier

Stroudco was set up in 2008 and is part of the Stroud Transition movement. We are a Community Interest Company and offer membership for £2 a month. Non-members can shop with us by paying a £1 temporary membership fee per order.

Stroudco is currently run by Oliver Müller as Stroudco Manager, with the support of Nick Weir, Mark Parris, James Millar and Michael Beringer as directors.

The key people however are our producer and shopper members. Without the dedication and goodwill of our producers and the commitment and support of our customers, there would be no Stroudco.