About us

About us

Stroudco is a community interest company (CIC) whose mission is to be a reliable not-for-profit online supplier of ethical local groceries. Through our online shop you can purchase products from the Stroud area and have them delivered to selected postcode zones near Stroud.

Not only do you enjoy delicious produce but you also support local businesses by paying them a fair price, and you get the order delivered to your door!

Important information about arrangements during the COVID-19 outbreak

We are about to relaunch Stroudco to address the demand for local food during the coronavirus pandemic. To ensure the safety of all our suppliers, volunteers, staff and customers, we shall be putting strict arrangements in place, in accordance with government guidelines and Stroud District Environmental Health. Collection of your order from our sorting site will NOT be an option at this time. For further information, please follow our social media channels.

What we sell

Most of the products on the Stroudco website are grown or produced within Stroud district, or within a 30-mile radius of Stroud.  Producers who deal with us share our values of keeping our footprint tiny, caring husbandry of animals and the environment, and connecting the local food economy.

In addition, we stock other grocery basics from approved suppliers that match our values, including Stroud’s very own plastic-free shop.

How it works

You order online by the order deadline (normally 8.00 am on a Wednesday). Your order will be collated by our Manager and volunteers on a Friday morning and delivered to you. There is a £5 charge for delivery, and you are welcome to share this charge with others in your street - but please contact us first, so that we know about this and can waive the two-item restriction on quantities.

If you share a delivery with neighbours, it is your responsibility to ensure that you strictly follow government guidelines during distribution in your street, to avoid the risk of COVID-19.

For more information, please email contact us.