Volunteer Helpers Needed At Stroudco

Volunteers Needed To Help Stroudco Bring Locally Produced Food To More local People!

As a not-for-profit we rely on a team of local helpers who volunteer their time to help us provide our services. Without them we would not have been able to continue to operate across the tricky climates of the last few year.
We are now looking for more people to join our Stroudco community to help our mission of delivering sustainably produced local food directly to local people in the Stroud valleys. 

“Dear All, 

I sincerely hope that you and yours are safe and well – anywhere around the globe! and if that for whatever reason should not be the case, please do let us know what we can do to help! Now is the time more than ever to pull out all the stops and pull together to help those under thread from viruses, wars and more. 

We want to – no, need to – become stronger than ever for all the above reasons and more, starting with our community, so resilience building is at the forefront of our minds for the difficult times we are going through. 

As such we are inviting more people to join The Bestust Volunteer Team you have ever met! 

Please share this message generously and help us spread the word that whatever your skills, interests, or background Stroudco would benefit from you. Oh, no prior experience necessary, full training will be given.”

– A Message From Stroudco Director & Manager, Ute

Current Roles

Product Champions – ‘Digital Role’

  • Ideally Monday afternoons for approx 2hrs working from home with access to your own computer and internet.
  • Help maintain our online Shopfront, updating product prices and quantities as well as adding new products.
  • Optimise existing products, write tasty descriptions, and upload delicious photos. 
  • Possibly order products when running low.
  • Provide any refunds to customers if necessary
  • Liaise with the Stroudco team.
  • Great for anyone fairly confident in the digital environment and ideally has some experience in e-commerce.
  • Training will be provided.

Product Champions – ‘In Person Role’

  • Friday mornings, starting at 7.30am, for approx 2-3 hours, at our Trinity Rooms base in Stroud.
  • When supplier collection is needed starting earlier may be required, 
  • Collect supplier produce when required.
  • Collect produce from the container in town.
  • Set up tables at Trinity Rooms and prepare for picking and packing.
  • Unload either onto packing tables or into our cupboard.
  • Undertake stock control and order when running low (or liaise with our digital product champion for them to order.)
  • Cleaning packaging material if required
  • We need someone willing to use their own car, with insurance that covers voluntary work. Being able to lift light to medium weights is also required
  • Role share is possible
  • Any travel expenses can be reimbursed Training will be provided.

People Champions – Packing Orders

  • Sort and pack our customers’ orders at our base at the Trinity Rooms in Stroud on Fridays, starting at 9am for approx 3-4 hours (or role share), depending on the weeks order numbers.
  • We will make a phone and laptop/table available for you to use
  • Great for anyone who enjoys working in a team with food communication skills and lots of positive energy 
  • The ability to solve riddles, adapt quickly, and take inactive is a bonus.
  • Training will be provided
  • Mileage for traveling can be paid back as travel expenses.

People Champions – Delivering Orders

  • Deliver our customers’ orders on Fridays, starting from our base at the Trinity Rooms in Stroud at noon to 12.30, your route will take approx 1-1.5hrs depending on the weeks order numbers. 
  • You will need to be willing to use your own car, with insurance that covers voluntary work, and be able to lift light to medium weights
  • Great for anyone who enjoys being out and about in the community with a willingness to chat to our customers and for whom smiling comes naturally.
  • Mileage whilst delivering can be paid back as travel expenses.

Stroudco Champions – Join our Board of Directors

  • Add to our diversity
  • Share your ideas and turn them into reality
  • Influence Stroudco’s future and maximise our effectiveness 
  • Attend monthly meetings (online or in person), sometimes more frequently depending on the urgency of matters in hand

Stroudco Champions – Join Our Marketing Team

  • Flexible hours working from home with access to your own computer and Internet.
  • Help build and maintain our online platforms
  • Content creation for our social media and monthly newsletters
  • Liaison with the Stroudco team and its local suppliers, supporters, and partners
  • This role is great for anyone who is passionate about local food and is fairly confident in the digital environment.
  • A creative flair and way with words would be a benefit. As would anyone able to take photos or create simple images.
  • Training will be provided. 
You can read more about joining our Stroudco Team on our volunteers page (click here to visit) For more info or to apply to any of the above roles please email us at manager@stroudco.org.uk