The Benifits Of Shopping With Us At Stroudco

Supporting the local and independent suppliers, makers, farmers, retailers, producers where we live, is now more important than ever. 

We do our best to showcase the best of Stroud, with it’s fantastic array of quality locally made, grown, & sustainable produce, and choosing to shop with us doesn’t just help our producers earn a living, it also assists in the welfare of the planet. 

At Stroudco our Four Key Values sit at the heart of all we do:

  1. To Choose Local First.
  2. To Keep Our Footprint Tiny.
  3. To Support Caring Husbandry
  4. To Connect The Local Food Economy.

In particular, your orders help our local patch in a number of climate friendly ways, including; reducing surplus food and single use packaging waste, supporting systems that look after the soil, and connecting Stroud’s economy.

Our donation’s services also make a valuable difference, re-distributing any surplus to the community food hubs and local food bank within the district, so that as much as possible of everything grown locally is used and/or consumed

Each hub is listed individually so you can select which to directly donate too and at what amount. When need is greater, equal value Stroudco Food Hub vouchers may be given in as an alternative to cash. 

The Food Hubs You Can Donate Too Are:

  • Arkell Centre in Nailsworth.
  • Cashes Green Community Centre.
  • Chalford Parish Centre.
  • Rodborough Parish Church.
  • Middle Of The Hill Community Group.
  • The Octagon Centre, Paganhill.
  • Top Of The Town
  • Trinity Rooms. Community Hub Food Porch.

The reason for this is to support the local community hubs, who are doing an amasing job within our district, whilst our small – often family run – producers & suppliers can continue to be paid as normal, keeping their own livelihoods & businesses protected. 

Your generosity means we can help create an anonymous food-flow for fresh, local, & healthy food to be made available to a wider audience in Stroud.

As a small community non-profit, our services operate within the community, not detached from it. The Stroudco team (who are mostly volunteers) work alongside its suppliers and customers, creating connections between them.

Whilst our shopfront is online we still offer a personal shopping experience with customer service support available at every step of the journey.

We offer monthly newsletters to those who subscribe and weekly order reminders to those who place orders.

Our website is packed with useful information, blog posts, recipes, and tips, whilst our social media pages regularly provide updates and are a place for chats, sharing, and discussions.

For those who collect their orders from our hub at the Trinity Rooms (Field Road, Stroud) our Stroudco manager and weekly volunteers are around for a chat.

For those who get their orders delivered our volunteer drivers are equally friendly.

DID YOU KNOW? To enable you to assist family, friends or neighbours’ who live within our delivery zones, it is possible to make more than one order from the same login/account, you can also use any card and address at checkout. You could even put together an order to be delivered to sombody by us on a Friday as a surprise gift or hamper of local delights.

It is also possible to make group orders for delivery to one nominated address. Not only does this save on delivery miles, if your group contains more than three people ordering then we can offer a discounted delivery fee to each person. For more information on this contact us at and ask about setting up a group delivery.

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