New Cheese at Stroudco

We are very pleased to announce that Godsell’s Cheese have agreed to supply us with their locally made cheeses!

Godsell’s Cheese is a range of hand made cheeses made at Church Farm, Leonard Stanley, using their own milk. Liz Godsell says: “I have always loved cheese but since starting the cheese business my love has become a passion. I am Master Cheesemaker and love talking about cheese (and cows). My husband, Bryan, pasteurizes the milk, helps make it, sell it and deliver it (and is very good at cooking with it!).”

Godsell’s have won a range of prestigious awards. They sell to local businesses and at Stroud Farmers Market but also to well-known shops including Harrods in London.

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Stroudco shoppers can now order these delicious cheeses through us, either in multiples of 150g or, for extra savings, as 1.25kg wedges.