Stroudco Looking For Input To Reinvent

Could You Be The Future of Stroudco?

We are offering the opportunity for involvement in reinventing Stroudco to meet the changing needs of our community across the Stroud District. To make Stroudco more resilient, we need fresh ideas, people and actions. If this does not happen we will be winding up Stroudco at the end of March this year.

These are some of the ideas for the new version of Stroudco:

  • An online network linking up all the Stroud initiatives working to get free and low-cost food to people who need it
  • A network to bring surplus produce from all the food-growing projects around Stroud into the food system
  • A central food buying group to buy bulk wholesale produce from Essential in bulk and make it available to our community at bulk wholesale prices.
  • Learning from all the other food hubs across the UK who are facing similar challenges in these difficult times
  • Fundraising to pay people to do this and other important work to build a resilient, sustainable food system for the Stroud District
  • What else……..?
  • There are many other options for the future of Stroudco. What we need now is a clear indication of how many people are able to step up and give some time to making it happen. To allow for this, the current directors of Stroudco are willing to remain in place until 31st March. Also, both Oliver Muller (an ex-manager of Stroudco) and Nick Weir (a co-founder and former director of Stroudco) are willing to stand in as temporary directors.

We need at least four more people who are willing to meet and discuss;

  1. future options for Stroudco 
  2. the possibility of joining a planning group and standing as a director

If this does not happen then the current Stroudco team will take steps to wind up the enterprise and give the assets and remaining bank balance to another community project.

Please get in touch by emailing us at if you would like to be part of this or discuss options.

For more detail on the background to Stroudco and some possible plans for the future please click here. You are welcome to add any thoughts and comments to this online document.

Many Thanks and Best Wishes, from all the Stroudco Team!