Opportunity For Role Of A Director

Could You Become A Stroudco Director – Even If Only Temporarily? 

Following on from our previous announcement (which you can read by clicking here) on re-developing Stroudco with the aim to reinvent, the team has been reviewing the local food situation in the Stroud District and at a recent meeting we explored possibilities for the future of Stroudco. Two key outcomes came of this. 

The Meeting Outcomes:

  1. We are looking for one more person to step forward as a director of the Stroudco Community Interest Company. This does not need to be an active role – just a name on the Companies House records on a short term basis so that we can carry on operating until we either restart trading or decide to wind it up. Please let us know by 15th March if you are willing to consider this.

  1. We plan to raise funding for the following;
  • mapping/researching food production across the Stroud District  
  • getting more food into the Stroud District food poverty networks   
  • a visioning process that will help us plan a new incarnation of Stroudco    
  • a paid manager to coordinate the relaunch of Stroudco 

To Summarise:

If you are willing to stand as a director (even if only temporarily) or if you would like to help with the fundraising or visioning processes, please let us know as soon as possible and at the latest by 15th March. 

If this does not happen then the current Stroudco team will take steps to wind up the enterprise and give the assets and remaining bank balance to another community project.

Please get in touch by emailing us at manager@stroudco.org.uk if you would like to get involved, share any views, or discuss options.

For more detail on the background to Stroudco and some possible plans for the future please click here. You are welcome to add any thoughts and comments to this online document.

Many Thanks and Best Wishes, from all the Stroudco Team!