Last social event

Thank you to members Sarah and Rob, who emailed me the following photos of our Tapas and Flamenco night.

Of the two dancers shown, one was part of the band, the other was a Spanish guest who joined in…erm…voluntarily – more or less!


IMG-20160626-WA0003 IMG-20160626-WA0002 IMG-20160626-WA0000


Tapas and Flamenco night


Our next Stroudco dinner will be on 24th June, this time held in Horsley.

Our guest chefs this time are Isa and Carmen from Sabor a Sol, who used to do the tapas nights at Stroud Brewery. They cook authentic Spanish food and will be offering a delicious range of dishes from their home country.

Here is what we have lined up for you.

-Spanish omelette (V)
-Arrollado (spinach roll stuffed with cheese and mushrooms) (V)
-Lentil salad (V)
-Chorizos in cider
-Prawns with garlic and parsley
-Green salad (V)
-Allioli (garlic sauce)

– Dessert with coffee or tea

This time there will be live flamenco music and a dancer!!

Bring your own, as before

24th June (Friday night) arrive from 6.30 for food at 7pm.

Horsley village hall – a spacious and light hall with parking

£20 per adult – I was hoping to reduce the ticket price but with the live music there were additional costs – it will be worth it!

How to book
Go to and search for “sabor”. Buy  the ticket like you would any other item, either in a separate order or together with your food shopping.


First Stroudco Social Night a Success

Our dinner on 20th May was a great success. With Fadia’s fantastic food, a really nice venue and around 30 Stroudco members for company, what more could you want.



We enjoyed a chat and drink outside before DSCF3062nsitting down to have pitta dipped in houmous and other delightful dips, plus fresh falafel. Then we helped ourselves to a range of aromatic dishes brimming with the taste of fresh herbs, including various salads and hot dishes.


The meal was finished off with the best baklava I have ever tasted, plus Palestinian coffee or mint tea from Fadia’s one mint plants.

I’ve often said I’d love to do a culinary tour of the Middle East but maybe I don’t need to!




Thank you to all who came and a special thanks to Fadia and her helpers. If you couldn’t make it this time, I’m sure there will be a next time!




Stroudco Software Switch-Over

We are now in the process of switching to our long-promised and long-delayed webshop / food hub system.  This means that the Stroudco shop is not available for a few days so please do not use the ‘Shop’ tab at the moment.  We will email all our shoppers when we are ready to take orders with the new system.  Thanks for your patience.

The new system – Open Food Network provides a platform specifically designed for food hubs, buying groups and small producers.


To quote their own website, it’s the “flagship project of the Open Food Foundation, a non-profit, registered charity established in October 2012 to develop, accumulate and protect open source knowledge, code, applications and platforms for fair and sustainable food systems.”


23rd April – food hub as normal
27th April – orders close for the last time on old system
30th April – last food hub on old system
7th May – NO FOOD HUB
8th May – orders open on OFN for food hub on 14th May
14th May – first food hub on new system

If you are a shopper member:
We will be in touch to point out the key differences between ordering now and ordering on the new system. It makes sense to do this closer to the time so that you don’t forget again by the time you actually get to try it out.

If you are a producer member:
We need to make sure you know how to update your products on the new system and we will be in touch with you with instructions on how to do this. We can provide support and training. In some cases we will be able to update your listings for you.



One of the farmers who came to the very first meeting of Stroudco Food Hub back in October 2006 was Jess Vaughan whose family has kept a dairy herd at Hardwicke Farm near Gloucester for three generations.   Her farm is organic and meets all Stroudco’s high animal welfare standards. All of ‘Jess’s Ladies’ graze on luscious organic pasture, which results in the milk containing higher levels of natural omega 3 than most supermarkets milk.  Even organic supermarket milk is often sourced from cows which are fed GM soya and rarely see the light of day.
Jess’s Ladies delicious organic unhomogenised milk and yogurt has been very popular with Stroudco shoppers for nearly ten years now so we were very pleased to hear that Jess has added organic buttermilk to her Stroudco range.
This buttermilk prepared in the traditional way has health benefits as it contains probiotic microbes and is sometimes referred to as “Grandma’s probiotic”.   It is also soothing to stomach and skin.  The fat content of buttermilk is far lower than that of milk or curd as fat is removed during churning.  The probiotic nature of buttermilk is beneficial to the gut and improves immunity when taken regularly.  One cup of whole milk contains 157 calories and 8.9 grams of fat whereas one cup of buttermilk contains 99 calories and 2.2 grams of fat.  Buttermilk contains vitamins, potassium, calcium, and traces of phosphorus.   In some countries it is a favourite traditional drink during summer as it is soothing to the stomach and alleviates minor stomach upsets.  In India, flavouring ingredients such as asafoetida, coriander leaves, ginger, curry leaves and sea salt are mixed with buttermilk to enhance its digestion-aiding properties.


Offer support for a new dairy herd in Stroud

One of Stroudco Food Hub’s longest standing producer members is looking to expand but would like reassurance from as many potential customers as possible before taking the leap.

Stroud Community Agriculture (SCA) has been farming 50 acres on the outskirts of Stroud for ten years and has recently supported the purchase of an additional 40 acres on Wick Street in the Painswick Valley.  SCA has been selling biodynamic vegetables and meat through Stroudco for eight years and is now looking into setting up a micro dairy in spring 2017, with the aim of supplying the Stroud community with organic unpasteurised, raw cow’s milk.

Before committing to the expense of setting up a new dairy herd, SCA would like to hear back from as many people as possible about their interest in raw milk.  They have set up a very brief survey here


Free Delivery this March

For the month of March we are offering FREE DELIVERY for any orders over £50 within a radius of 3 miles of Stroud Valleys School. We are also offering free deliveries to Nailsworth and Horsley under the same condition.

If your order qualifies, simply add the Free Delivery item under “other food and drink” to your order.

The offer includes orders received now, for the food hub on 5th March and may be extended. Otherwise the last food hub included in the offer will be 26th March.


If you are unsure whether your address is within the 3 miles radius, please get in touch.