Kid meat – tasty as Spring Lamb & better for you!

 cotswold kidmeat - house door

We are celebrating another new Stroudco producer this week with prize-winning Cotswold Kidmeat not only bringing a delicious, healthful new meat to Stroud but also offering a solution to a growing animal welfare issue.

Stroudco is selling increasing amounts of goat’s milk and cheese reflecting a UK-wide trend.   Consequently over recent years the numbers of nannies being milked has increased dramatically.  But there is a dark side to the dairy goat industry. Sadly, nearly all the dairy farms in the UK view billy kids as a waste by-product and they are killed at birth and their carcasses burned.

Goat meat is the most widely popular meat in the world and by eating kid meat we are giving a purpose to the lives of these billies.

Awarded 2 gold stars in the 2014 Great Taste Awards Cotswold Kidmeat is fully traceable and has been reared to the highest welfare standards with the kids kept in a free range natural environment with plenty to climb on and play with and try to keep them from getting bored.  The processing of the meat takes place in a very well-equipped kitchen on site, maintaining complete control of provenance.

It is generally agreed that kidmeat is as tasty as spring lamb (some say even richer and meatier) and is much healthier than all our regular meats, being higher in protein and iron and lower in fat (especially saturated fats) than lamb, beef, pork or chicken and lower in cholesterol than any of these red meats.

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